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Carl from said:
Make your mark on the clock - tell us what you think of it! We always get a kick out of hearing from people who've enjoyed our work.
madame_ava said:
Hey, this is totally cool! I bet it was hard work to put all this together. I am amazed.
sk from said:
I must admit, I can't wait for 24-hour submissions, instead of just 12-hour. I have a feeling that 15:17 will rock. :)
PhilmPhalm said:
This site is totally great! I have uploaded several images and was going to reserve another slot but I can't find the password on Worth1000. Guess I'm not contributing any more. Bummer!
Carl said:
If you have problems please contact me via email or through Worth.
Johnnytitan said:
Hey great idea! Are there any thoughts about turning this into a screensaver once all the slots are filled? It would be a fun screensaver and a credit to W1k artists at the same time!
xxxxxpp said:
The worthclock keeps getting cooler and cooler as the submissions grow. great job, pineappplecharm!
Mental-Rectangle said:
I look forward to seeing the whole thing once it's filled up.
Plan9 from said:
saaa-weeeet! cant wait till its done. like others had said, itll be a great wallpaper too!
Randy said:
Carl, you've done a terrific job creating and managing this site. It's fun! Thanks!
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