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The main important point about the clock is that it's a CLOCK. It isn't a chance for you to get some airtime for an old image you've got knocking about, into the background of which you've spent ten seconds dropping a single 'multiply' text layer with the time in Courier font. The focus of the image is the time. If you're unsure, once you've uploaded, go back to the slot reservation page and check out your image in mini size. If it isn't legible in this size, it's not really what we're looking for.

Don't fox people; it's a clock, not a puzzle.

New for 2009 Now that we have a full set, duplicate submissions will be shuffled and picked at random each time the clock is displayed. Don't be offended if your design isn't shown immediately either; every entry is now vetted before being promoted to the live site.

I have also reintroduced the 24 hour clock. If you want to do a 24 hour time, please do so but be aware that it will be shuffled with the 12 hour counterparts to make sure that the original designs still get seen. For example, 05:04 will be shown at 05:04 and 17:04 but 17:04 will only be shown in the afternoon.
Making the time huge, the main focus of the image and clear is always a winner. Cultural references (several movie ones are in the clock already) are also great.
If you're going to photograph some still life scene, make it original and interesting, like these. Take some time to think of a nice idea, then do it carefully; your effort will pay off.
Oh YEAH! Both of these images have "I wish I'd thought of that" value - perfect. Remember, an idea is only obvious once you've thought of it!
Just because it's Worth doesn't mean your image has to be realistic - or even photoshopped. I like both of these because they're interesting and different. Additionally, the one on the right is unusual because it is moving rather than funny - this makes it stand out even more.
Don't be lazy. If you do have an image that you think will make people laugh, make that extra little effort to make it look at least partly relevant. These girls are clearly just leaving a bar with a neon sign - funnier than if it was just there, in bright red. The carved rock idea is simple enough but here it's got an edge because it really looks 3-D and convincing.
Skyscrapers have been done a few times now. If you want, you're welcome to do another but with competition like this, chances are you'll end up looking unskilled as well as unoriginal. Why not change the shape of something else tall, like a tree? These palms make me laugh; it's an entirely new idea, despite being so similar in concept.
Children are cute, but we don't want the place looking like a kindergarten! We've got a handful of stunning kid pics, so don't dilute them with more. Also, we already have several Worth-centric jokes. Look, here is one to prove it. No, you didn't think of "how funny it is pineapplecharm didn't post a cliche list" first. Harry did.
Fingers and paint (either road/sidewalk markings or graffiti) are both great ideas and both have been done. Don't copy them again; surprise us with something new.
The bottom line is, keep it simple. Spend the extra time looking for (or photographing, or drawing) a really nice source image, and thinking of something cool to do to it, rather than spending hours doing a tired idea to death.

I won't bother with a full 'been done already' list because I trust you guys to be smart enough to check out the existing images before starting on your own. The fewer duplicate ideas we have, the more awesome the clock will be!