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Mail With the launch in mid 2008 of our new email marketing system, Pineapplecharm has introduced the most powerful tool yet for contacting customers and generating interest in products, services and events. Online list management includes automatic duplicate filtering and multiple lists, allowing our clients to contact precisely whom they want, when they want.

Emails can be easily created with an auto-resize image uploader and a Word-style WYSIWYG formatting panel right inside the browser. There is also the option to track who has read their email with linked images - or, to beat the image-filtering email clients, to attach the images so they appear inline without needing an Internet connection.

If you need to contact your client base en masse without risking spam filters and unweildy CC boxes, you need Charmail. Get in touch to discuss setting up your account.

Lots of interest which is good and one possible portrait commission! - Amy Long, Amy Long Art Contacts

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